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Herbal Tea, packaged herbs and herbal food additives from Bulgaria - the largest european produser of herbs.

"АЛИН" Tea
flavorful temptation served with elegance...
  • Fine selection of herbal ingredients.
  • Without impurities, colors or preservatives.
  • 20 envelopes without filter thread
"Алин" Tea - your own and Family`s choice!


Green Tea

Green tea is prepared only by the leaves of the tea bush, which put under minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China, but is also associated with many other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea... read more...


The essential oil of chamomile has anti-inflammatory action and softener in diseases of the digestive tract - colic in the stomach and intestines, gastritis, colitis, flatulence (relieves flatulence), stomatitis, gingivitis, and inflammation of the respiratory tract.... read more


Peppermint oil in small doses increases appetite, works well with feeling sick, removes spasms especially in stomach colics, intestines and bile duct, the gases expelled in flatulence, stimulates the excretion of the liver and pancreas and act astringent and anti-inflammatory... read more...