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About us

We founded „HBH – HERBS FOR BEAUTY AND HEALTH“ LTD and the trade mark ALIN in 2004 in the town of Samokov - Bulgaria, with the idea to produce and offer quality and accessible herbal teas and herbal products on the Bulgarian market. We built our productional base in ecologically clean area at the foot of Rila mountain – in Alino village, Samokov and  we provided the most advanced and modern equipment necessary for the production of our products.

Today, we at HBH-HERBS FOR BEAUTY AND HEALTH LTD we are among the leading producers of herbal teas, packaged herbs and herbal supplements on the Bulgarian market and deliver herbs and herbal raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry in the country and abroad.

We use mainly Bulgarian raw materials - cultivated and wild herbs, selected by our technologists so that our customers reach a healthy, safe and quality product.

Areas from which herbs are collected are  Rila, Rhodopes, Pirin, Sredna Gora /Middle Forest/ - areas, reserved by toxic and other contaminants.

To ensure the quality of their products HBH-HERBS FOR BEAUTY AND HEALTH LTD is certified as an exporter of herbal teas table, it has implemented and working HACCP system and all necessary certificates and registrations as a facility for production of foodstuffs and food supplements, which is a guarantee for our customers that products branded ALIN are in accordance with European, Bulgarian and health legislation.

In the production process are included all the necessary technological and controls resources, so we can offer a quality product that is safe and beneficial for the health of our customers!

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