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Green tea is prepared only by the leaves of the tea bush, which put under minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China, but is also associated with many other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

Daily doses and contain of green tea

Cup of green tea contains 35 milligrams of caffeine, compared to a cup of black tea contains 45 milligrams, a cup of instant coffee - 66 milligrams, and a cup of espresso - 110 milligrams of caffeine.

Substances that determine the effectiveness of green tea contained in black tea, but in much smaller quantities.

Effect of Green tea

Drinking of  green tea strengthens the human spirit and enhances its tone. Green tea has a refreshing effect, it is recommended that at exhaustion.

Substances contained in green tea clean the blood of some substances, such as cholesterol.

Green tea helps in quick weight loss as it helps build muscle and restores appetite. Taking of green tea and other substances should not be considered as a substitute for healthy eating and exercise.

In green tea also contains zinc, which is why it is recommended for consumption by pregnant women.

Effect was also observed in smokers, because green tea helps to the release of bad substances accumulated as a result of smoking.

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