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General Conditions

1. Confidentiality of data

We guarantee confidentiality of personal data of our customers, declaring that they will not be used for other than its intended purpose, namely: establishing contact with the customer for specifying details about the contract and the ways of its delivery and payment. Personal data provided by the client is used by employees of the company to issue an invoice and guarantee for the purchased product.


2. Purchase Agreement

The beginning of the business relationship between the user and us start with sending the order by the user, namely: after completing the required personal or corporate data, agreemet with the general conditions of sales of goods and pressing the "send" button.


3. Starting order

Performance of the contract strats when our employee get the order. If the order is sent to us during a holiday or outside working hours but within the working week, it will start at the beginning of next week or the next working day. Any change in the value of the ordered goods between the sending of the order and its launch, the client pays the price of the goods on which it ordered.


4. Order Cancellation

4.1.  The customer has the right to refuse his order within 15 working days from the filing date in written version by fax or email, but not later than 10 working days after payment in which pay a penalty of 3% of the value of transaction (incl. VAT).

4.2. Purchased goods must be returned in original packaging, with full equipment as described by the manufacturer, located in each carton within 15 working days from the payment, the cost of return are paid by the buyer.

4.3. When there is failing to provide customer ordered products there is an obligation to provide such alternative or in disagreement to reimburse the amount paid.

4.4. Amount paid by the cardholder in point 4.1 is restored customer choice between a credit voucher, select another product or refund of the whole / partial amount only by credit card operation, with which it is paid.


5. Reclamation

Reclamation on purchased goods will be accepted if they are made in a timely manner, as the company is committed to their enrollment in the relevant register under term 127 paragraph 2 of the CPA.


Ordered products you can pay in the following ways:

  • By bank transfer

VIA PaySera /more for PaySera here.../



Delivery costs are not included! They will be calculated after order is placed and clear and accurate delivery address received as to respond to our order comfirmation e-mail.


All prices include VAT