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AMBROSIA – Treasures from the source

Ambrosia – the legendary drink of the Gods, which rejuvenates and extends life! Since antiquity, the wise people enjoy the natural gifts! Anyone can achieve perfection if you listen to the voice of nature!

This combination provides you thi so desired for centuries YOUTH, VITALITY and LONGEVITY!

*        Counteract the aging process

*        Tonicity

*        Vitality

*        Longevity


This is the formula of BALANCE.

Ingrediants: Angrimony (Agrimania Eupatorial) stalk, Pine peak (Turioris pirl), Basil leaf , elder flower, bunny step stalk, hawthorn flower and leaf, Iceland lichen, thyme (Thymus) stalk, knotgrass stalk, walnut leaves, meadowsweet stalk.

Usage: From this mixture 2 tablespoons brew burning in 500ml water and boil on low heat 15 minutes. Strain (preferably through gauze). Sweetened with honey and lemon by request. It is recommended permanent use of AMBROZIA.

Storage conditions: Keep protected from direct sunlight and heat place at air temperature to 20 ° C and humidity up to 70%.

Better interact with all feeding and dietary norms.

Logistical information for the wholesaler:

Packaging net weight 100 g.

20 pieces in a carton.


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